About us

Incorporated in 2003, eUnite Inc has been focusing on developing and providing innovative business solutions for business. The company has built up its market share in multinational company and large scale enterprise sectors by constantly developing and providing professional collaboration, online learning, and human resource information system solutions for corporate users.

With over 18 years of experience in the market, eUnite has gained the real world business know-how to accurately address, serve and satisfy the requirements of the organizations in both private and public sectors. By focusing on innovation, cutting edge technology and the intrinsic needs of its customers, the company has earned its competitive advantage through its reputation and trust from its clients which makes it stay ahead of the competition.

As a global company with a vision to provide its solutions and services to companies located in every part of the world, eUnite currently has offices in California and Thailand, and has been planning to expand its territories to other countries in all continents.