Custom Surveys and Polls

Conduct Employee Surveys to Gain Valuable Insight

Determine your team’s exact needs to stay motivated and perform their best.

Unlimited Insights

With atwork's custom surveys and polls, executives and admins can send out unlimited surveys with unlimited questions to collect feedback on company programs, policies, and initiatives. Surveys and Polls include flexibility in how to format questions.

Employee Surveys

Surveys and polls can be customized based on the type of insights that need to be collected. Add a range of question types with multiple options for content using text or images. Past surveys can be saved as templates for future use.

Participant Privacy

Admins can alter privacy settings to make the identity of survey participants visible or anonymous. This gives businesses the flexibility to conduct surveys to efficiently collect feedback while protecting employee identity depending on the nature of the survey and feedback. Participants will be informed before beginning the survey whether their identity will be anonymous or visible in the survey results.

Analyze Results

@work's interactive survey report provides a breakdown of the survey results collected. This report can be exported to spreadsheets for further statistical data analysis.

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Dedicated Support Request Channels for Your Corporate Infrastructure

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