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@work unifies all the tools needed to affordably and securely communicate with your organization under one app.

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Multiple Tools in a Single Platform

Managing various apps and dealing with separate contact lists is both cumbersome and costly. We provide Chat, Meetings, Announcements, cloud storage, and more, built into one app so all of your company’s communications and teamwork stays @work.

Beyond Enterprise- Grade Security

Many personal chat apps are now encrypted end-to-end. Why aren’t business collaboration apps doing the same? @work implements end-to-end encryption for business chats and meetings to ensure no one can tamper with your sensitive conversations - not even us.

Empower Your People. Strengthen Your Business.

Popular collaboration apps are usually too pricey to purchase for everyone in your company. @work offers a whole suite of tools at a more affordable cost than just one alternative. Truly get your entire company on the same page with our inclusive plans so no one is left behind.


A tool for every job


Purpose-Built for Company-Wide Use


Seamless In-App Conferencing Any Time You Want

File Sharing

Dedicated Support Request Channels for Your Corporate Infrastructure

Internal Support Channels

Dedicated Support Request Channels for Your Corporate Infrastructure

Enhance Engagement to Improve Retention

Company Feed

Recognize Achievements, Grow Ideas, and Share Feedback


Distribute Time-Sensitive Information Efficiently

Survey and Poll

Capture Real-Time Insight to Better Understand Your Teams


Host Engaging Sessions for Updates or Training

Encompass Your Core Values

Company Administration

Eliminate Redundant Tasks with Flexible Administrative Tools

Cloud Storage Management

No Wasted Space to Maximize Your Return

Theme Customization

Showcase Your Corporate Identity with Pride

Policies and Procedures

Get Everyone on the Same Page from Day One

What users are saying

“If you feel like the HR system is too far to reach, or you want an easier platform for your team to stay on the same page and be accessible anytime / anywhere, we would definitely recommend giving @work a try.”
Korawee Rittidej
Human Capital Management Manager
“We love @work because it helps streamline our team's communication. @work plays an important role in our employee engagement program by enabling us to reach out to the employees and respond to their inquiries better. Thanks to eUnite’s support team that has been really helpful anytime we have question.”
Manotai Manomun
Section Manager - Human Resources Information System Section

One Digital Workplace for Everyone