Workflow Automation and Organization

atwork’s automation streamlines company organization and eliminates redundant tasks

Workflow Automation Improves the Onboarding Process

atwork's workflow automation enables companies to assign roles to automatically place new hires into respective chat groups. This simplifies the onboarding process because new hires can receive all needed files from the start while alleviating work from the admin.

Target Recipients

atwork's workflow automation allows users to define who can view an Announcement or Post by individual, Role, group, or department to send the right information to those who need it. This function is especially useful for businesses with large teams. Simply select who should be granted visibility to an Announcement or Post to reach the intended audience.

Workflow Automation for Every Workspace

Conglomerates can assign separate workspaces, including Announcements and Feed, to each business and manage multiple subsidiaries from one account. With workflow automation, each business can operate independently on the same account.

Exhibit Your Corporate Identity

Businesses have options in how to customize atwork's appearance and widget organization including whether it should appear and be organized the same for everyone, or if each individual can decide the appearance and layout.

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