Unified Collaboration

Support team collaboration with built-in meeting tools and a single contact list

Work from Anywhere

With atwork's suite of built-in communication tools, team members can choose the best method to collaborate based on the demands of the day. Distributed teams in and out of the office can use the app to effortlessly jump from chat rooms to video meetings, and connect through the company feed to share ideas and receive feedback. Having multiple communication channels within the app facilitates seamless team collaboration and eliminates the need for managing multiple apps, passwords, and records.

Real-Time Collaboration

Businesses can benefit from the advantages of real-time collaboration using atwork with features like Video Meetings. These features can be used to facilitate engagement in the workplace with real-time training, executive updates, or Q&As enhancing employee experience and encouraging personal connections within the organization.

Maintain A Single Contact List

While using multiple programs means creating and maintaining multiple contact lists, all of atwork's features operate from a single contact list, saving time, money, and convenience. Start a chat, schedule a meeting, invite attendees to post updates, ask for feedback, and share files from one centralized contact list.

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