Corporate LMS

Plan and launch learning campaigns to strengthen your team’s capabilities and help each individual reach their full potential.

Roadmaps That Reflect True Learning Advancement

A big picture visualization of overall learning progress supports and motivates learning advancements. @work Learn roadmaps ensure that learners know exactly where they are on their journey of growth.

Learn Anywhere on Your Favorite Devices

Learning doesn’t need to be stationary. With @work’s new corporate LMS, your team can learn their courses anytime, anywhere, at their pace, and on the devices of their choice.

Create the Most Efficient Review Flow

Test questions and assignments that need to be marked by instructors can be routed through customizable review flows. With this efficient LMS, learners and the reviewers can be notified when their input is required.

Know Exactly What’s Working with Course Feedback

Enable course reviews to gather team insight and maximize learning benefits. Collect course ratings and reviews to continually evaluate and improve your learning programs.

Enjoy Learning with the Fun of Gaming

Use the configurable achievement system to gamify your courses and motivate your learners. @work’s interactive LMS uses gamification to help learners be more engaged and entertained while simultaneously improving their knowledge and skills.

Utilize Out-of-the-Box or Customized Reports

View desired information in just a few taps with @work’s unique Blue Report function. Various filters, options, and data layers let you customize your reports to easily track everyone’s progress.

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