Policies and Procedures

Reduce Resource Usage with Digital Policies and Procedures

@work automatically delivers your company’s policies and agreements any time a member joins.

Speed Up the Onboarding Process

Upload your company's policies and agreements to accelerate the onboarding process. atwork will prompt new hires to read and accept the policies and agreements.

Keep Policies up to Date

Keep the company current by easily making and distributing policies in atwork and sending them out to members across the organization.

Digital Record

Maintain a digital record of each employee’s acceptance of the company's policies and procedures. Access the list of these individuals at any time.

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File Sharing

Dedicated Support Request Channels for Your Corporate Infrastructure

Internal Support Channels

Dedicated Support Request Channels for Your Corporate Infrastructure

Enhance Engagement to Improve Retention

Company Feed

Recognize Achievements, Grow Ideas, and Share Feedback


Distribute Time-Sensitive Information Efficiently

Survey and Poll

Capture Real-Time Insight to Better Understand Your Teams


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Company Administration

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Policies and Procedures

Get Everyone on the Same Page from Day One

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