5 Things You May be Doing to Hurt Your Productivity

You might have read articles on how to improve your productivity through active efforts but are you aware of the corrective behaviors that can boost your productivity? Here’s a list of things you may be doing subconsciously to hurt your productivity.

Powering Through Uncomfortable Conditions

Distractions could come in the form of a wobbly desk, broken chair, or too much AC. You may find it especially difficult to concentrate with multiple things going on at once. Slowly terminate each distraction, one at a time, and watch your focus improve.

Using Poor Lighting

Working with inadequate or too much lighting, especially artificial, can strain your eyes and cause fatigue. According to a survey conducted by Future Workplace, 70 percent of employees said having access to natural light makes them more productive. Yet more than 33 percent said they felt they had inadequate access to natural light. Make sure your work area is well-lit and comfortable.

Tolerating a Toxic Company Culture

Today, the work environment proved to be vital. Some employees even move on to another company when their expectations aren’t met. According to iOffice Corp, this means more than providing perks. Strong core values should be set in place and reinforced throughout the organization.

Using Inadequate Space

If you’re lacking the space and resources to do your best work, you’re quite literally setting up to fail. To work comfortably, you need the right space as well as access to quiet areas for concentration. In addition, it’s ideal to have a common area designed for collaboration.

Letting Email Consume You

Several studies have found email hurts productivity and makes people feel bad. According to Gloria Mark, a professor of informatics at the University of California, Irvine, people are obsessed with their email inboxes. Many of us tend to check them about 77 times a day. She explains that “The more email people do, the lower is their assessed productivity.”

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