The Importance of Unified Communication for Modern Workplaces

people working outside with unified communication

Serious Businesses Need Serious Solutions

Are you still using email to communicate in the workplace? Are you relying on unsecured text messaging or social media platforms to exchange important information? A serious business needs a serious communication platform. Applications like atwork (@work) offer the advantages you need to keep your workforce connected and increase efficiency. Let’s explore the importance of a unified communication system.

Work Rarely Happens in One Place Anymore

First and foremost, a simple yet versatile communications platform can help connect any and all types of workers. This includes but is not limited to Office/Desk personnel, Floor positions, Offsite or Field personnel, and logistics/transportation specialists. With atwork, your team can keep in touch no matter their role or location.

Secondly, it is highly encouraged to ensure that no member of your workforce is left out. Platforms like atwork are priced to scale so that no matter the size of your workforce, you have the means to include everyone. No more having to handpick who has access to the necessary features and tools to operate efficiently. Give everyone on your team the communication and collaboration opportunities they deserve.

Another reason to adopt platforms like atwork is that they offer wide spread communication in real-time. In a world where time is critical, people rarely stop to check their email inboxes. atwork offers secure and easy to use instant messaging to ensure sending and receiving information is fast and easy. Real-time communication ensures you and your team are in constant contact, streamlining responsibilities like setting up meetings, brainstorming, receiving feedback, and addressing questions.

An Engaged Team is a Productive Team

With a shared communications platform, you are able to ensure everyone’s up to speed and that their voices are heard. atwork offers the means to address your workforce with company-wide and/or localized messages that you can verify have been seen and read. There is also a collaboration space where topics can be shared and discussed in a private forum without the burdens and risks included in public forums or social media platforms. Increase your team’s cohesion and productivity by keeping tabs on any toxic situations and ensure miscommunication is minimized or avoided altogether. Seamless execution by itself highlights the importance of a unified communication system.

Traditional emails are not as engaging and using them as a means to share ideas and gather feedback from a small team, or massive workforce, can be complicated and frustrating. atwork provides the tools to create and distribute topics in need of discussion as well as surveys to encourage your team’s involvement.

Work Shouldn’t Require a Specific Screen

Lastly, atwork is OS-agnostic and supported by both Desktop and Mobile devices. This gives you an advantage where other platforms are dedicated to a single OS or compatible device. By making atwork available on any device, those on your team who have preferences or adhere to BYOD are not left out. Your Team will be able to chat, call, and meet from any device, anywhere, and any time.

Having a single unified communications platform, allowing your workforce to work together through the same medium, provides a great advantage. While some companies rely on multiple outdated applications based on individual preference or budgetary limitations with no room for change, the many benefits your organization will gain from a platform that offers versatility while being easy to use are priceless. If you are considering adopting your own unified communications, we would love to show you why organizations around the world choose atwork.

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