Tips To Encourage Upward Communication

What’s Upward Communication?

Upward communication is the communication process where employees communicate directly with upper management to share ideas, feedback, or concerns. This style of communication is increasing as upper level management is realizing its importance. According to SIS International Research, organizations can lose more than $525,000 annually due to ineffective manager-employee communication. That’s an eye-opener for businesses!

Upward communication not only establishes a mutual trust between the upper level and the lower level divisions, but improves workplace procedures overall. It helps managers identify areas for self-improvement while making employees feel valued.  Valued employees cause retention to increase, which is always a good thing for a company. Lastly, upward communication creates an inclusive environment within an organization. Indeed has a handy article on examples of the communication style, but, for now, let’s continue reading for some tips on how to foster upward communication within your business.

Foster a culture of open communication.

A culture of listening in the workplace is important. In other words, open the line to two-way communication between the different working levels.

Create and share content.

Sharing authentic and intimate internal content with the employees will warm them up to engage. One way to facilitate in this effort is to introduce a personalized company forum where the organization can engage in a meaningful way. Although outdated workplace communication tools, like email and intranet, don’t allow for this to be done easily, the @work app has made it possible.

Be genuine and approachable.

If the upper levels want to really experience the benefits of upward communication, it’s important they come off as genuine and approachable. Sharing updates and news with the employees will help give that impression.

Support with knowledge and tools.

Having access to the right skillset and technology to engage your team is crucial in driving meaningful conversations. For example, the @work app features various collaboration tools useful for enhancing productivity.

Encourage employee-generated content

Encouraging employees to speak up and create their own content is one of the best ways to enable upward communication. Implementing communication solutions where employees are able to drive the conversations is an awesome step for businesses to take. @work is a platform that supports this system, as the Feed allows the team to post and discuss amongst themselves.

In conclusion, upward communication can take time for employees to adopt. Once implemented, the business can reap many benefits that everyone will enjoy directly. The @work collaborative business platform enables upward communication for organizations, regardless of type. Be sure to schedule a live demo to learn more.

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